Zumex Multifruit Commercial Juice Extractor

  • Perfect for juice bars, healthy food restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs
  • High performance
  • Non-drip system
  •  Available in 3 colors. 

Santos Juice Extractor #68

  • Powerful, robust and easy to clean.
  • High efficiency
  • Perfect filtration for high quality juice:  Large basket with very fine sieve (0.5mm)
  •  Wide feeding chute: 79.5mm diameter
  •  Exceptional output: 140L/hour

Santos Cold Press Juicer #65

  • Fresh cold pressed juices on demand
  • Heavy duty: Reliable induction motor
  • Set your speed and filtration size to get the juice you want
  • XL Chute: Wide 79.5mm chute
  • Easy to clean: Removable pusher and juicing system.
  • Maximum juice extraction.